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Taobao Shopping Fees And Rates ,Note: This is only For China Online Shopping Fees

Buy Form China Online Shop Or Buy From Taobao,How much should i pay ? what is the Shopping Fees? That is the fees detailes

Final Total Price

= Total item value+ China domestic freight + Handling fee + International shipping + Repack fee(if aviliable)+ Insurance(if aviliable) + Payment gateway fee(if aviliable)

Total item value

Total items value use the list price on, it will be changed into US Dollars or GBP or EUR if you pay with paypal or moneybookers.
The exchange rate is 1 USD=6.0 RMB; 1 GBP=9.0 RMB;1 EUR=7.50 RMB

China domestic freight

China domestic freight is set by the merchant of The freight will be charged only one time for you buy different items from same merchant.

usually ,China domestic freight is 10RMB 15RBM or 20RMB Per Item,but shipping rates is depend on you items.

Handling fee

When using the service, there will be a 10% handling fee applied to the total amount paid to the merchant that is (Total item value + China domestic freight)*10%.

For Ex; you item value is 500 RMB and China domestic freight is 60 RMB ,The Handling fee is (500+60)RMB*10%= 56RMB

International shipping

The international shipping depends on the weight of your goods.

View shipping rates

The Chine EMS shipping rates:

The Air Mail shipping rates

you can also chose the DHL and UPS

China post registed: USD8 for 0.5kg,usd16 for 1kg, usd32 for 2kg

Repacking fee

Repacking will remove the oginal shipping box and package them into one big box. By this way can save you most of shipping charges.
  Gross weight (lbs) Net weight (lbs) Package box weight (lbs)
Package 1 2.7 2.3 0.4
Package 2 1.4 1.1 0.3
Package 3 2.1 1.7 0.4
Sum 7.2 5.1 1.1
As shipping sepretly you will be charged 3lbs + 2lbs + 3lbs = 8lbs and three times first 1lb shipping cost.
By repacking, total consolidation weight 5.1(total net weights) + 0.6(the big box) = 5.7lb, so chargeable weight is only 6lb.

Repacking fee is $5.00 of each shipping, it applys to the following situations:
  • when you buy items from different selllers.
  • when the package box is damaged or unsuitable for being shipped.


ChinaBuyDropship provide a free of charge shipping insurance covers US$100.00, so if your parcel loss in transit we will compensation you.
Please note, free of charge shipping insurance only for use DHL and Express Mail and not guarantee items damaged situation.
So, when you buy high value items, it is necessary to purchase an insurance to against loss or damage.
Insurance rate: 4% of (Total item value + China domestic freight+ Handling fee + International shipping)

Payment gateway fee

  • Paypal: US$0.3 + 3.9% we charge 4%
  • Wester Union: You pay Western Union.
  • Balance: None

Taxes and dutes

They are after-tax price for items sold on, no need to pay extra taxes. However, there may be additional duties and taxes charged by customs in the destination country. These charges are the responsibility of our clients to pay.

No hidden fee

ChinaBuyDropship does not charge you any hidden fee, such as items not aviliable fee or commercial invoice fee.
When some items not aviliable we will refund you the cost of goods and our handling fee.
If you want to know how much you need to pay please use the Final total calcuator.
For any question, please feel free email to .