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Taobao Buy English,Taobao English Buy Guide, How to buy stuff (Things) from Taobao China Online?

In China, is almost the equivalent of eBay which is dedicated for Chinese domestic market. You can find virtually anything and everything on Taobao, since most of the world’s merchandises are now made in can also buy from taobao ,taobao shopping is very interesting ,even you are not in china.Many people live in us uk ca au spanish have taobao shoping experience.That is true.

At the moment, there is no Taobao English version website, so any attempts to purchase something from Taobao can be initimidating if you con't read any Chinese.Thanks For the lanuage translate tool and

You still can shopping on taobao,buy on taobao no need read speak Chinesa.But you still don't know how to buy from taobao ,Now there is The Taobao Buy Guide which provides comprehensive guide on how to purchase something from Taobao. whether your live in china or not,All you Can buy From Taobao.Taobao English Guide.

Seven steps to buy your interested items from online shops like taobao in china with our buying assistance:

1, choose items from, or other china shopping websites.

2, send links of these items to the email

3, we quote your order and tell you how much fees you should pay,Click Here See the Fees.

4, we process your order as soon as your have paid.

5, we check, repack, weigh them when we get all of your items ( within 1-3 days), and then inform you to finish your final payment

6, your package will be sent to you and give you the truck number. see here: the shipping

7, wait to receive your package. During the shipment, you can track it with the tracking number we provide as soon as your package is sent

we charge low service fee for our excellent buying guide and assistance. moreover, clients can enjoy a 50% discount on EMS international shipping rates by working with us. Please fee free to contact us: the other benefites you can get are:

(1) we can check sizes and colors of your items before they are sent to you, we will send them back to sellers if they are not the same to the descriptions shown on the advertisements; it would take you much time and nerve to argue with sellers if they sent you wrong items and you want to ask for a replacement or a compensation.

(2) we can buy all your items on your behalf, then pack and send them to you, in this way, huge international shipping fee will be saved, since most people buy stuff from different sellers, huge international shipping fee will be charged separately by them, for you have to pay shipping fee for first 500g many times based on how many sellers you buy from, of course, shipping fee for the first 500g is always much higher than the additional 500gs. However, this concern will be instantly solved if you get our help.

(3) with our assistance, you can pay for your order without any concern, most online sellers don’t accept international payment, especially payment by paypal, because high withdraw fee charged by paypal is unaffordable, since not all sellers conduct business internationally at regular times, they have to wait at right time to withdraw money from paypal when money in their paypal account is enough to make up for high withdraw fee.

(4) we do provide other basic assistances, such as, translation, to ask to reduce domestic shipping fee if you buy multiple items from one seller, to take and send pictures of arrived items if you need, to repack your package so as to reduce the total weight and to improve the safety, to help you reduce the risk of meeting trouble with customs……

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