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Taobao Drop ship - How to Drop ship from Chinese Ebay Tao bao?

Q: What is taobao drop ship ,how it works ?

A: Taobao is a Chinese Ebay,so Dorp ship form Taobao is a good Choice,Taobao Drops ship means buying Good items by using China taobao platform,you can see here :the taobao buy guide and we can help you buying, packing, checking the items, after checking the items in a good condition, then shipping the items directly to your customer.

Taobao Dropship - Taobao Dropshipping Dropshipping with

Like the title said I'd like to dropship (clothes, skin care, shoes) products using the taobao platform and was wondering if it's even possible.

It is a good idea and it works,some of our coustomer have done this ,There is the process:You buy 10 jeans from taobao seller and shipping to us,we stock the jeans,when you have sold the jeans,you give me the address,we ship dirct to you coustomer. it need time and skill in taobao buying experience,we are always on you side,you should also need reliable Taobao Dropshipper.On Taobao ,There is so many product,taobao the chinese means ,find the gold,there is many golds,but also many trash,like ebay ,you know.This is the tips ,see here:Safe Buy On Taobao

Is there some people who do it Taobao Dropship?

I have do that,as a taobao dropshipper,we have many works,find the good seller,conmunicate with the seller and buyer,payment ,shipping,trust,money,it is really hard,at first ,I can buy for you ,you can chose you interesting item and pay with paypal,but if you want do the taobao dropship business.Let us discuss the detailes. as a taobao dropshipper,we really need you trust and keep communicate with me.we should keep both the money and product safe.if i think the taobao seller not reliable,I will refuse to buy.

How much shipping cost normally for a piece of clothe or a pair of shoes ?

you can see here :Shipping From China

how long does the shipping process generally takes (shipping + handling)?

you can see here :the taobao buy guide


brand names don¡¯t generally have dropshipping programs. Brand companies disperse their products through carefully-organized distribution networks

There are ways to determine the authenticity of products before you receive them (or at least to try). With regard to Apple and other electronics, ask the wholesaler, manufacturer or distributor to provide you with the serial numbers of some of the products that you will receive. Verify them with the company¡¯s online warranty checker ¨C or call them directly.

Success Stories

I am a 32 year old single mom. It is very difficult to find work and pay all my bills, and still spend time with my 3 year old. I am so happy that my sister told me about I started buying makeup and selling it to friends¡­

Why choose taobao drop ship?
You can find best value for all products from Chinese largest online marketplace - Taobao.

You can focus on selling without worrying about quality control, stock, packing and shipping.

You can get low prices even on small-quantity orders with dropshipper.

You can do a safe business, because you only pay for items after you your customers have already paid items to you

To be honest I only deal with people I know. I have found the chinabuydropship and every time I bring in stuff make sure the stuff being sent is the correct one. For that I pay Chinabuydropship a small percentage of the order. Well worth it in the long run.Drop Ship From China Taobao Become Easy

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