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Wholesale From Taobao - Bulk Wholesale From Taobao

Does taobao have wholesale platform ? I want bulk wholesale from taobao is it possible ? if yes where should i start ?

If you want Wholesale From taobao and Stock In China ,Droship,Please Contact us.

There is the Guide:

How to Success Wholesale From Taobao ?

First You should buy some sample from diffrence taobao seller,and we help you buy and sent to you,
second ,you test the product and make sure it is the good qulity.
Then You can small wholesale the product and we keep you stock.
Now you should sell you item on you website or ebay.
we sent the product to you coustomer.

My Story

I have bought some item from taobao,you know just fun,I haven't think about I will wholesale from taobao one day.
But when i bought several times from taobao with the help of,I am happy with some product,reasonable price and good quality.
I am try to wholesale some item,at first ,may 10 pices,we bargin with the taobao seller,you know buy ten may be get discount.
For Me The key point is you know the item and you love the product that you want to do business,and a professional partener